You Won’t Believe Which Pretty Little Liar Was Originally Supposed To Be “A”!

Hanna and Toby find out they’re siblings. No doubt irresistible and every guy, under the age of 25, in Rosewood admired her wholeheartedly, despite her well-known relationship with Caleb Rivers. He never saw it. Or felt it perhaps was a better term. Even before he started dating Spencer Hastings. Even before he had the slightest interest in Emily Fields, before she came out of course. Even before Jenna Cavanaugh become his wicked stepsister. It always felt strange. When he thought she looked pretty.

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Wren met Alex when he mistaken her for Spencer. Wren told the story about a girl who was exactly like her named Spencer. They became closer and started dating. They were in love but Alex wanted to be Spencer so she convinced Wren to help her and he accepted.

Pll when do toby and spencer started dating Spencer and toby! Pll: the timeline for toby and the sleepover toby and toby was that has a consistent timeline for the show pretty little liars.

Their friendship took eventually a more intimate turn in 6 B when they became a couple until 7 A. Caleb tells Spencer how he gets into websites; it’s looking for an open window in a locked house, almost like a burglary. He eventually gets into Maya’s website and an elated Spencer celebrates with him and they hug. Spencer visits Caleb and lectures him on his drinking problem and how he needs to stop supplying Hanna with drinks as well.

Spencer lets slip that Hanna might have something against Zach. She reminds him that he is the best thing that has ever happened to Hanna and it hurt her to see them destroy that by drinking because of something eating Caleb away.

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To them, the most important thing is success. Spencer has added her share of triumphs to the family as well. Due to the paucity of the time that both girls receive from their families, Spencer and Emily spend most of their time together. For the past three months though, the girls rarely spent time together as both have been hanging out with their respective significant others — Spencer with her boyfriend Toby and Emily with her girlfriend Paige.

Credit: Video Still Pretty Little Liars Pretty Little Liars Season 1 Flashback: Spencer and Toby’s First Kiss (VIDEO) July 26, by Rebecca Martin 0 Shares Advertisement It’s hard to believe.

TV Show Why is “liars” in the title? What are the lies? It’s a carry-over from the books. After finding the body of Ian Thomas, they try to take the police to it, only to find that it’s disappeared and become known as “Rosewood’s Pretty Little Liars. The Jenna Thing, for example. In Killer, the sixth book, they also claim that they saw Alison alive. Of course, no one believes them, and they end up looking like they’re lying to cover up for Ian jumping bail, among other things.

Amusingly, their “Liars” title actually ends up helping them in Stunning — Emily uses it as a defense as to why they were at a crime scene, after having received an anonymous note. I don’t understand the timeline. The liars must have had the worst November senior year. The month would have started after the Halloween train, which was a special episode between season 3A and 3B, and would have ended with Mona’s ‘death’ on Thanksgiving, which was the season five mid-season finale.

November senior year lasted from 3B through 5A. I can’t even begin to describe everything that happened to them during that time.

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I take requests so leave me a prompt! But similarities end there. Breathe Me She had to get out of that house.

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It is one of the four major ships in the Pretty Little Liars fandom. She crouches down next to a car and watches the awful way people of Rosewood treat him. After some little kids run away from him, truly frightened, he runs into an alley to cry. Crossing the road, Spencer looks into the alley seems to pity him for once.

While looking out Emily’s bedroom window in ” Je Suis une Amie ” Spencer notices Toby cleaning up the remains of his mailbox which had been vandalized, a common occurrence of late. She apologizes to Emily for badmouthing him, but Emily thinks she is directing the apology to the wrong person. Later, at school, Spencer and Emily spot a flier calling for a French tutor for a home-schooled student, obviously Toby, who is currently under house arrest.

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PJ tries to use Charlie to pickup girls at the mall. Unfortunately, it works so well that the girl he scores is only interested in Charlie. Ivy is apparently a recovering chocolate addict. In “Charlie Did It!

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The beginning of the end. With only 10 episodes to go in the Freeform series that has captivated loyal fans for nearly 7 years, there are still so many more questions than answers. So here is TooFab’s quickie primer of where we left off: Hanna Freeform Haleb fans rejoice! Hanna goes rogue on this one in an attempt to prove to everyone, including the Liars, that he is not only the mastermind behind the dollhouse, but also the second child of Mary Drake Emily Parker and the mystery cattle prod wielder.

In the end, however, not only did the DNA test results come back negative, but the last we see of Noel is his decapitated head rolling across our screens. With Noel crossed off the list of potential abductors, who could have tortured Hanna in the barn? Her life is pretty peachy at the moment, but we cannot expect that to last long.

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In which case my address is: Vermillion, SD not really, but you can still drop by and see who lives there if you want The following is completely fictional. Any resemblance to reality is entirely coincidental. Contents of this story are merely creative license, not unlike a TV show or movie that uses real people in fictional settings and situations.

The cast tells THR about “fun and flirtation” with Spencer and Toby, potential for Aria and Ezra, a “super emotional” Hanna and Caleb flashback, and a “flame” in Alison and Emily’s.

Edit The possibility of a team of “A’s” tormenting the Liars was practically unheard of. Both the fans and the Liars were of the belief that ” A ” is only one person. This was mostly due to the fact that in the books, “A” book character is only one person, and a team of people has yet to be mentioned up to the present book. However, despite its team status, the “A,” or rather the person in the black hoodie, who was after the Liars was primarily one person Mona.

After “UnmAsked,” Marlene King confirmed that Mona was the “A” who did everything to the Liars in the first two seasons except two things , despite the fact that Mona’s actions were actually planned out and ordered by the Main “A. The possibility of an “A-Team” was also ignored up until ” Touched by an ‘A’-ngel ,” In the last few minutes of the episode, Spencer, Emily, Hanna and Aria talk about the possibility of “A” working with multiple people. The Liars talked about how Jenna, Garrett and Jason were all working together, and “playing for the same team.

Throughout the season, the Liars continue to suspect Jenna and Garrett, and later, Melissa , of being “A. However, the current structure of the “A-Team” was not thought of at the time.

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Cast, from top, left to right: Sam , Abby , Pres. Bartlet , Leo , Josh ; Can’t you just smell the idealism? There’s a promise that I ask everyone who works here to make:

Jan 02,  · But there were so many Spencer/Toby fans, they have to do it to the show, the viewers deserve it. It was was so heart-wrenching when Toby was shouting ‘I love you’ to Spencer. You could just see she wanted to shout back he loved him : Resolved.

Shana Fring before her betrayal and death Storylines Edit Alison DiLaurentis , the former “Queen Bee” of her clique and the most popular girl in school before her disappearance and alleged death. Although she cared for her friends, she enjoyed using their deepest, darkest secrets against them to keep them in line. Charming and manipulative, Ali was skilled at finding ways to blackmail everyone, and many people hated her and others loved her.

She disappeared a year prior to the beginning of the series, and in the Pilot a body is found said to be hers. The show’s main premise revolves around the mystery of Ali’s murder. Alison is later revealed to be alive, but is hiding from ” A ” who is still after her. Spencer Hastings , the “smart girl” of the group. She is an extreme perfectionist who always tries to please her wealthy parents who clearly show more affection towards her older sister, Melissa.

Spencer tends to fall for her sister’s boyfriends, such as Wren Kingston and Ian Thomas. Spencer had been the only person brave enough to ever stand up to Alison, and may have been one of the last people to see her alive. Out of all of the girls, she is the most competitive.

Keegan Allen Talks “Toby” & “Spencer” ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Chemistry

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