Idol groups are girl and boy bands composed of trained idols who perform together to create a particular image and style. Though boy and girl bands think Backstreet Boys and the Spice Girls have waned in popularity among Western audiences, they are still hugely popular in many Asian countries like South Korea and Japan. K-Pop music already has an immense following in Asia and it’s rapidly gaining popularity worldwide. Here are 10 K-Pop girl groups you should know about to stay on top of the growing trend. Jewelry Jewelry was formed in by Star Empire Entertainment company and is currently the longest-running Korean girl group ever. It consists of four members: Eunjung, Baby J, Ye-won, and Semi.


Who is Yoona dating? Yoona boyfriend, husband Snsd dating history. Person you two high-profile idols are union; clubs; organizations; campus; services retweet. With the change of music labels, the group was said to not be disbanded and future activities of the eight-member group remains to be discussed.

They charted at numbers four and thirty on the Gaon Digital Chart, respectively.

The dating rumors were confirmed on January 3, Describe it as sweet or romantic, Kyung Ho admitted that he does not listen to any type music except tracks released by the girl group. A photo of Soo Young was discovered in his wall and states that he had treasured the memorabilia for years.

The agency stated that Yuri and the professional baseball player had parted ways after going public with their relationship this April. Though we totally shipped them and they looked super cute together, we guess LDR is a tough hurdle to cross for a new couple like them. Well there might be a chance that these two are still together since SME has yet to give an official statement about it.

What do you think of all these break up news? Let us know by commenting below! It starts out innocently enough. Clad in shades of white and grey, the band lounges serenely in the middle of a huge room. Then flashes of a sepia-filtered room starts appearing. We see a punching bag, a table filled with pills and a lady who looks clearly exhausted. The scene cuts to a flashback of the aforementioned lady and her adorable daughter. And why would anybody kidnap such a cute kid?

At least she still has her bunny.

Jessica Jung

When you search “funny pictures” on Naver image, the first three pages are full of Jessica. Jessica hates any fruit that is related to melon. Jessica has a habit of drinking water before doing a live stage.

Yuri also became a cast member in the second season of Kko Kko Tours Single♥Single, a dating show between celebrities. In , she was announced to be a host of MBC music program, Show! Music Core with fellow member Tiffany. In April, released the Education: Chung-Ang University.

She debuted as a member of girl group Girls’ Generation in August , who would later go on to be one of the best-selling artists in South Korea and one of South Korea’s most popular girl groups worldwide. Apart from her group’s activities, she has participated in various television dramas, including the television dramas Fashion King and Neighborhood Hero and the film No Breathing She then underwent training for 5 years and 11 months before her debut.

She graduated from Neunggok High School in Girls’ Generation Yuri made her official debut as a member of the 9-member girl group, Girls’ Generation in August Aside from her group activities, she had a small role in a television segment, The King’s Boyfriend, which was part of the documentary Super Junior Show by S.

M Entertainment ‘s boy group Super Junior. She also made a cameo appearance as a ballerina in the film, Attack on the Pin-Up Boys , which also stars Super Junior members. In , Yuri had a recurring role in the KBS2 sitcom, Unstoppable Marriage , where she played a high school student along with fellow member Sooyoung. In , she was announced to be a host of MBC music program, Show! Music Core with fellow member Tiffany.

[BREAKING] BoA and Joo Won’s Breakup Confirmed

Moved at Korea when she was Spent 7 years of training before debuting as a Girls’ Generation’s member. The first member to be signed in the agency in

Feb 03,  · Maybe because i am not a fan and i had bias confirmed dating. So I wasn’t surprised by ‘first snsd member confirm dating‘. Baekhyun and Taeyeon case felt like GdragonxTaeyeon.

It was pre-filmed so even though the shoot has ended, you meet often with your co-stars. The attendance rate is very so good we say to each other that it feels like we are in university. Of the members, you have been acting most steadily. There must have been preconceived notions as an idol turned actress, when did you experience this and how did you overcome it? As expected, I must have been lacking a lot but most people looked at me favorably for trying hard.

Since I showed myself on stage more often, they recognized that image first so my acting self might have been viewed awkwardly. Acting is still difficult. Rather than to take off a label, I have greed to want to become even better at acting. There are many exceptional idols turned actors now so I think there are less preconceived notions than before. Of course, what an actor feels and expressing those feelings is a different issue. A lot of people who predict my voice will be bright are surprised because my voice is low-to-medium tone when they hear it, but I like this tone a lot.

Of other actors, I like those who have low tones and recently, actor Kim Jiwon is like that. It feels like it has been about 7 years but it makes me wonder when time passed by so quickly like this.

Kpop: Girls’ Generation Member Named Most Innocent Kpop Idol

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After YoonA, Sooyoung, Tiffany, and Taeyeon‘s dating scandals came to light, it was reported that Yuri is currently in a relationship too. Source: SNSD Facebook. Yuri was first reported to be dating Hanshin Tigers’ pitcher Oh Seung Hwan by Ilyo News. The dating rumour was then confirmed by SM Entertainment.. Through the official statement released by the company, the reps said.

In this magazine, the members actually transformed into the female figure they most wanted to be for their individual photoshoot, with the theme ‘Girls’ Generation’s Ideal Type’. Her charisma, which she humbly said is not complete, is currently developing. I also pick things myself, and tell my opinions. First, your blonde hair color stands right out. Drama schedules always overlapped with album promotions, so I had to consistently have the same hair style for months, but the timing was right this time.

I made a bold move to give myself a refreshing change at the same time. Do you like it? When I go out, it feels like I stand out more because of my bright hair color. It seems being active for so long has you [used to] hiding. There are things that have gotten better as the time has passed too, right?

We basically share each of the things we experience. We each have different talents, as well as areas of individual work. What did you give to your other members?

Thank you for nine great years

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Yuri and Oh Seung Hwan confirmed they were dating in April. SM Entertainment stated at the time, “Yuri and Oh Seung Hwan met at at a gathering with acquaintances at the end of last year. They′re getting to know each other with good feelings.”.

However, Yuri stayed for an extra 5 days until the 11th. The day after on the 12th, Oh Seung Hwan had his first appearance in Japan’s professional league. While it’s not enough to say that this is proof, Sunday News reports that most of the professional baseball league knows of their relationship. Insiders say Yuri probably stayed not to go on dates with him, but to support him, as Oh Seung Hwan is known for focusing only on his games during the season.

The two of them have been spotted together since last November. Oh Seung hwan was in Korea during November and December, and the two reportedly met up together often during the two months. Send us your questions for Minzy! An entertainment insider who saw them together in December said, “There were other people there other than Yuri and Oh Seung Hwan, but you could easily tell that they were a couple. It was nice to see him taking such good care of her. As stars that represent the entertainment and sports worlds, I think they need quiet support so they can love each other while still doing the best in their careers more than they need excessive interest.

Tiffany (cantante surcoreana)

Please refer to this site: My Korean friend visit me yesterday and we were talking a lot about Kpop. At first I was reluctant to make this thread because I know some of you may react badly. But I really, really, really want to share the stories here.

Apr 20,  · Yuri is the fifth SNSD member to be confirmed in a high profile relationship: first there was Yoona and Lee Seung Gi, then came Tiffany and Nichkhun of 2PM, followed by Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho, and topped off with Taeyeon and Baekhyun of EXO. I’d say Yuri’s the only one who branched out from the flower boy type, not to mention her boyfriend can probably bench press the other guys if .

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Update 1 SM Entertainment has officially confirmed that Girls’ Generation Yuri is currently dating Hanshin Tigers pitcher Oh Seung Hwan. According to the agency, the two met through a meeting with acquaintances late last year.

That is why despite watching their every move, idols are prone to dating scandals, attitude controversies and so much more. It’s almost impossible to find a Kpop idol who was never involved in anything. But recently in a forum, fans picked the popular kpop idol with zero scandal, and Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun perfectly fitted the bill. Despite being active with GG for almost nine years, the maknae remains to be sparkling clean.

In fact, she’s the only Girls’ Generation member without a dating buzz. Most GG members have admitted to their relationships — and breakups. Sooyoung’s relationship with actor Jung Kyung Ho is going strong while former member Jessica is linked with Tyler Kwon.

150207 SNSD Yuri @ Next Week JTBC Dating Alone Preview

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