They are heavy weight and the color doesn’t fade. I would definitely purchase these again. We like having pinochle cards on hand to keep kids entertained and to have fun forms of entertainment for our guests. Pinochle has been around for a long time and is a great game to learn. These cards have a nice weight to them and a great texture that makes them easy to shuffle and deal Jason h. The size and stability of these cards is impressive and I would order them again for sure because they are the perfect addition to any game night.

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May 23,  · The code is helpful in dating decks after , the year it started. The code consists of a letter, and a 4-digit number. The letter is really the only thing helpful to collectors; the numbers mean nothing. National Playing Card Co. and New York Consolidated Co., at the time subsidiaries of USPC, also used these same codes.

Pick a card, any card At the least, the idea sounds plausible – but that would be assuming that USPC consistently used the same style of opening strip during different periods in their history. I don’t know if anyone’s documented this over the years – for older vintage decks and especially for antiques, you’re often lucky to find an intact box, never mind one that’s still sealed in the original cellophane. That would understandably make documenting such changes over time a bit challenging to say the least!

In fact, the oldest examples never had a box in the first place, often being originally sold in a simple paper wrapping. There are other factors that can be taken into account beyond a tax stamp or a manufacturer’s seal. One big one would be the exact design elements of the box. For example, we know that the “Standard” Bicycle box style for Rider Backs was used from to the present. There’s all the small print appearing on a modern box of USPC playing cards – which includes a copyright dated during the year of manufacture or perhaps the beginning of the following year, depending on whether or not there were some leftover boxes that needed to be used up.

For older boxes, there’s other elements to take into account, though I don’t know how much documenting of box style changes there’s been over the years. There’s also variables like reprints – a good example of this would be the “Bicycle ” that USPC started offering last year for magicians who relied on the classic box design for certain tricks or for players who just like the old box better. It was in the classic ” ” style commonly found in the s and s, with a barcode at the bottom of the box and no fine print about copyrights, but there was a number code under the brand name on the bottom of the box that began with the number I never obtained a deck for myself to look at and I’d really like to!

There are many, many other design elements that can be factored in – I’m just not as well-versed in them as others would be, so I’ll step back and let someone else share their wisdom, if they would!

Timeline of historic inventions

Card shufflers make the task of shuffling your deck much easier, by automatically mixing the cards from one or more decks up. Many players also prefer a card shuffler because cards may not always get mixed as well if you do it manually. Particularly suspicious card players may also appreciate that a card shuffler diminishes the chances that a dealer could be trying to give one player an advantage over another.

Mar 16,  · For an UNOPENED deck, I know you can look at the type of government tax stamp (pre ), type of USPCC sticker (whether it is stamp like, sticker like, blue or black) and whether a deck of Bicycle playing cards has a bar code on the bottom as a means of finding out when it was produced.

Ambulance by Crusaders in Palestine and Lebanon [ ] 11th century: Early versions of the Bessemer process are developed in East Asia Movable type in Song Dynasty China: The first record of a movable type system is in the Dream Pool Essays written in , which attributes the invention of the movable type to Bi Sheng. Mariner’s compass wet compass in Song Dynasty China: The earliest recorded use of magnetized needle for navigational purposes at sea is found in Zhu Yu ‘s book Pingzhou Table Talks of written from to Rocket for military and recreational uses date back to at least 13th century China.

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Board Games for Girls Playing the Game In the center of the game board is a large plastic white door. Behind the door are five boys waiting for their dates. The spinning of the doorknob determines which date will appear when a player gets a chance to open the door. Four of the boys are dressed for their special date, and one boy is wearing regular clothes. He is the boy to avoid, the “dud.

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Early history[ edit ] A Chinese printed playing card dated c. Chinese playing cards Playing cards may have been invented during the Tang dynasty around the 9th century AD as a result of the usage of woodblock printing technology. It describes Princess Tongchang, daughter of Emperor Yizong of Tang , playing the “leaf game” in with members of the Wei clan, the family of the princess’ husband. It received commentary by writers of subsequent dynasties. However, these cards did not contain suits or numbers.

Instead, they were printed with instructions or forfeits for whomever drew them.

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I know that there are many special decks that are considered “rare” such as the Black Ghost version 1, White Centurions, and Brown Wynns. But then I started wondering what was the most rare deck of cards ever. So does anyone know what the rareest deck is?

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New revenue stamps, designed specifically for the federal tax on the sale of playing cards, were introduced in This new series of playing card stamps would continue in use, until the tax was abolished in The four major type playing cards tax stamps shown above were issued between and The design features a playing-card-hand and the denomination.

Their catalog attributes are as follows: RF2 – Ultramarine, Blue.

uspcc dating code A reliable way to date decks made by the United States Playing Card Company (USPCC) is the dating code printed on the ace of spades or joker at the time it was manufactured. The code is helpful in dating decks after , the year it started, according to the Hochman Encyclopedia.

Vintage Back Designs of Bicycle Playing Cards Bicycle playing cards are probably the most recognizable brand of playing cards in the world. Although the average person probably associates Bicycle brand playing cards with the famous ” Rider Back ” design, the United States Playing Card Company , or “USPCC” which produces the Bicycle brand actually produced over 80 different back designs with the “Bicycle” name over the first few decades of the brand’s existence. But this was actually the second design to carry the “Bicycle” name; the first was the Old Fan back design, which was first produced in and recently revived to commemorate the th anniversary of the Bicycle brand.

Bicycle playing cards were originally produced in red, blue, green, and brown, but the green and brown decks were discontinued in The reader may observe that many of the designs were revised one or more times and thus appear in multiple variants e. This usually happened for one of two key reasons. First, many of the earliest designs were “one-way” backs, i.

Bicycle Playing Cards Collection

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