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Includes essays on each art form as well as a historical overview. Each item is well documented in this English-language text. Limited printing of editions.

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I would appreciate any help you can give me. I was told the father that owned the piece was in the war and took it off a deceased Japanese soldier during some fight in the Marshall Islands. Can you tell me if this is right? And what it might be worth? Thanks again for your help. This appraisal will hardly do justice regarding the subject of Japanese swords and, in fact, may leave our Japanese sword collectors up in arms pun intended. Unfortunately, there is not enough space in this column or in this entire issue of A.

For instance, together a katana matched with a wakizashi form a daisho.

P111. Papered Tempo Iron Sukashi Tsuba

Any tsuba that is already in good condition should absolutely be left as is. The need to leave our mark shows itself in the habits of collectors who routinely over clean, polish and in the worst cases actually strip the guards they encounter to bare metal in order to apply a new color of their own liking. Remember that the supply of genuine old tsuba can only get smaller.

Please be very cautious. The simplest and safest first step is to wash your tsuba in mild soap and water. Use hand soap, not detergent or cleanser.

dating: 18th Centuryprovenance: JapanMade of iron, Mokko-gata, decorated with gilt floral motifs and filigree, a woven band at the border, with four heart-shaped open-works. Higo ions: dimensions x cm.

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Japanese sword mountings

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dating 19th Century provenence Japan Blade (nagasa, 61 cm) with well visible hamon, nagako with one mekugi ana, mumei Silver habaki decorated with crossed grooves, iron tsuba with gold and silver-inlaid anchor, three-banded silver edge.

This Tsuba dates to the Muromachi or more likely the Momoyama period. This tsuba is constructed in the “Sanmai” technique and is made from Yamagane or unrefined copper. This “Sanmai” technique consists of three layers sandwiched together. The layers are held together by both the Furukin as well as pins peened into the seppa dai see photos. Attributions as well as dating of this type of tsuba has been the subject debate over the years.

There are those who believe these type of tsuba to be ko-Mino early Mino School tsuba, others believe them to be tachi-kanaguchi tsuba. Still others insist they are simply ko-kinko early soft metal tsuba.

Le Tsuba Hotel

The tsuba is heavily effected with green tarnish. This is caused by salts in the earth effecting the bronze when the item was buried. There is a crack on the upper left hand side of the tsuba also. Seveal areas on the face of the tsuba show remnants of gold gilt. Raised rims, which are not seen on the iron examples, are common and were probably needed to give rigidity to the plate.

Apr 10,  · Tôran-kai 倒卵形 tsuba from the Kofun Jidai 古墳時代 (also referred to as the Kofun Bunkai 古墳文化). A very rare Tôran-kai tsuba with gold gilt dating back approximately years. Made primarily from bronze or iron, Tôran-kai tsuba are the earliest tsuba we know of in Japanese history. This tsuba was excavated from a burial mound.

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Iron Tsuba

They are art works in their own right and are widely collected. Some koshirae sword mounts , mostly tanto, were made without tsuba aikuchi koshirae. Tsuba were mostly made by specialized kodogu and tosogu sword fittings artists see schools of tsuba artists , although some sword makers produced tsuba tosho tsuba as did armour makers katchushi tsuba.

Japanese Sword For The Collector. started in with the goal of providing a trusted source for Japanese sword collectors to study and .

Early Soft Metal Tsuba In addition to iron, early guards were made from alloys of copper and other “soft metals. A variety of sukashi, carving and inlay techniques were used. Occasionally large plates of 8 or 9 cm diameter are seen, but most surviving examples are relatively small. Hoju Tsuba The soft metal hoju guards appear in the same shapes and sukashi styles the iron ones, but are much thinner. Raised rims, which are not seen on the iron examples, are common and were probably needed to give rigidity to the plate.

It is tempting to assume that these gilded tsuba were for formal wear and the iron ones for use, but who knows if our reaction to these metals is the same as that of the people who made them years ago. At the time, gilt bronze was also used extensively in horse trappings and later in Buddhist objects. The metalworkers that produced these objects may have also produced sword fittings, or kodogu making may have been a specialty on its own.

The quality of this early metal work is as high as anything that came later. While swords and other bronze and iron objects had been imported from the continent for hundreds of years, and produced on the archipelago by continental craftsman, these hoju guards of the 6th C mark the beginning of an indigenous style of Japanese sword mounting. Kagamishi Tsuba Ka gamishi tsuba are cast from a bronze alloy. The name suggests that they are the work of mirror makers, but the work is usually rather different from what is seen on mirrors.

Ichigo Kurosaki

More commonly “tsukuru” is used in its place with both words meaning to “make, create, manufacture. A koshirae should be presented with the tsuka hilt to the left, particularly in times of peace with the reason being that you cannot unsheathe the sword easily this way. During the Edo period, many formalized rules were put into place: Koshirae were meant not only for functional but also for aesthetic purposes, often using a family mon crest for identification.

Buy online, view images and see past prices for A tsuba. Invaluable is the world’s largest marketplace for art, antiques, and collectibles. dating: second quarter of the 18th Century provenance: Japan Iron tsuba with brass inlaid floral decorations.

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Your blade can be folded to create thousands of layers and a grain pattern on the steel, it can also be clay tempered differentially hardened to achieve an authentic hamon line of your choice. Fitting Beside the blade, you can choose from hundreds of fittings, which includes beautiful designs of Tsuba Handguard , Habaki, Seppa, Fuchi, Kashira and Menuki.

Featuring animal designs, warriors, nature, mythological creatures and a lot more, all hand crafted from your choice of quality materials. Handle The Tsuka Ito is the handle wrap of the Samurai sword, a wood handle covering the Nakago with rayskin samegawa and ito wrap of different colors and materials of your choice, either in traditional style wrap or battle style wrap. Scabbard The Saya is an important part of all Samurai swords, it is the scabbard that is used both to secure the blade and allow fast drawing of the sword by a skilled swordsman, Our collection has variety of materials and colors for your Saya, all are hand crafted and perfectly made to fit with your blade.

Enhancements To make your sword truly unique, you can choose to enhance it, by selecting some of our unique features like blade with engraved text or image, different polishing styles and even colored blades that has been naturally dyed with acid.

Tôran-kai 倒卵形 tsuba

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Japanese sword mountings are the various housings and associated fittings (tosogu) that hold the blade of a Japanese sword when it is being worn or stored. Koshirae (拵え?) refers to the ornate mountings of a Japanese sword (e.g. katana), koshirae are used when the sword blade is .

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