EXO Chen, AOA Hyejeong Dating?; ‘Random but True,’ Says Insider [EXOs Dating Scandal]

Exo Kai Dating Cube. Yes he wasn’t being careful but it’s not like he got injured on purpose. Kai and Krystal’s ski trip 1. Upci dating website Filter by post type All posts. Log in Sign up. When Baekhyun’s news broke out, he got all sorts of curses but they’re stanning him again I won’t shield them anymore. She contacted Sulli and they ended well, but Sulli commented on a fake account of Jinnabit on purpose. Member Profile of EXO:

Breaking: EXO’s Kai and f(x)’s Krystal CONFIRM They Are Dating

Reply Radio Wright February 21, , 8: Cute guy and everything. Its hard to figure out what to write and not write in my profile because 1, Im not bad looking, and 2 i do lead a pretty interesting life.

SM Entertainment has confirmed the news that EXO’s Kai and f(x)’s Krystal have broken up, after approximately a year together. The label told news outlets simply, “It’s true that they’ve decided.

Who would have thought that from a close friendly relationship, f x Krystal and EXO Kai will soon announce that they are indeed in love with each other? How true is that? However, when the dating rumors were confirmed, multiple news claims that the relationship seems not healthy for their career. In recent reports, AllKpop noted that KaiStal relationship might be the reason why Krystal Jung allegedly considering on transferring to other company after her contract in SM Entertainment ends.

The speculation about her departure starts when her dating rumors to her fellow SME artist, Kai resurfaced the internet. On the other hand, negative reports about Kai also surface the internet when he allegedly dumps his EXO duties just to be with Krystal. Though this claim was never confirmed, it seems like as time goes by, the newest couple in KPop will surely experience a lot of backlashes. Fans, according to International Business Times , have started expressing their thoughts about the revelation.

This is not a first time for some Korean idols who courageously announces their relationship to the public as most of the time; they could literally be hurt by their fans mostly sasaeng actions.

F(x) krystal dating 2014 july

I know they broke up a while ago and this is kind of late, but here me out on this: I never thought Baekhyun and Taeyeon were an actual couple. They’re just really good friends. Besides this, there are other reasons why BaekYeon aren’t the real deal. Their “Date” This date was obviously planned.

EXO’s Kai and f(x) Krystal, who have been in a relationship since March , have become of the top power couples in , fans were left wondering: Are they still dating? When news broke out that the Krystal and Kai were dating, fans went into a craze! Since then, the two have only seen a few anti-fans due to their relationship.

Please log in to report this content? Tiffany Hwang, a spoilt American girl along with her American-Thai boyfriend, Nichkhun, ruled the group together. What she didn’t know was, her ‘doing something’ will lead her off toward a new path of life and a new part of world she didn’t know exist. This is my first time writing a fanfiction, so please forgive me if there’s any grammatical or spelling errors. I’ll try my best to write a flawless Or a TaeNy fanfiction with little flaws: As every Locksmiths in the world knows, both TaeNy are currently dating, though sadly, not with each other.

I was disappointed at first too, but it’s not the end of the world as long as each and every one of us still believe in them. They are as real as ever, and nobody in this world can separate them. Not even Nichkhun or Baekhyun. The chemistry is still hovering in and between them, and love is still dancing in their eyes when they look at each other. Don’t give up hope, Locksmiths:

Who is your EXO boyfriend?

SMEntertainment dikenal dengan aturan ketat antara senior dan trainee. Apa yang mereka lakukan? Apa sebutan untuk satu sama lainya? Dispatch akan menunjukan dan menjawab beberapa pertanyaan penggemar yang ingin tahu tentang ini. Kapan Taeyeon dan Baekhyun mulai memiliki perasaan satu sama lain?

Baekhyun has spoken out for the first time since his agency confirmed his relationship with Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon. krystal. July 13, at pm Jus because hes dating.

Hang out with Baekhyun instead. KAI You rose from your seat to hug your friend. Luhan was in town for a few days before going back to Beijing and you were spending the day together. He always gave the best advice. You decided you would ask him. It was safe to assume that she was still mad at me. She never returned my calls or texts and if she did, it was me talking to myself basically.

We should do something fun. You wanted to have a drink and get drunk, pushing reality away for a little while.

Baekhyun (백현) – Beautiful (두근거려)

Kai and Krystal breaking up? Fans uncover evidence that prove otherwise By Maria A. However, fans were wondering recently if the couple is still together, and thus gathered evidence to prove that Kai and Krystal are still dating.

Kai dating with Krystal = Kaistal? Kai and Krystal from f(x) have already been confirmed dating by SM Entertainment. Apparently, there were some more juicy scandalous photos which “Dispatch” possessed, but were asked to be kept secret.

These data could be easily fabricated —Judge: We will submit our findings in writing. Your Honor, I would like to request another plea date to submit more evidence corroborating our claims. We cannot wait for SM to dilly dally and submit their written essay by 5pm who-knows-how-many-weeks from now. We assure the court that this hearing will be well worth the investment in time.

However this will be a final plea. I have other court cases to hear. The final plea date will take place on Friday, April 8th, at I expect both parties to be in attendance. We have bad news about the court hearing today. What, what is it? If it was bad, you told them you would look into it right? Stall as much as you can make sure they get nowhere.

EXO Kai And F(x) Krystal Are Dating ” New Couple”

Wikipedia Commons, Pingback: F x Sulli Scandal: Sillerman—founder of what is now Live. Krystal Member of girl band “f x “. Korean Celebrity Real-life Dating Couples July 5,

Baekhyun seemed really really hurt from all this and their breakup. As for Kai and Krystal, I think it’s true considering their friendship since so long but I don’t know their current relationship status.

So, I’m here today to talk about a certain topic that has been on my mind, lately. So, let’s take a look at BaekYeon. Also, the age-gap between BaekHyun and TaeYeon, even though age is just a number, but it seems weird for people from groups of two different generations to date. Especially since BaekHyun is more of a “fun guy,” and TaeYeon seems like a “free soul.

Not because they view their love as a “cute thing” but maybe because they were afraid to lose two extremely talented individuals for the sake of a piece of paper their contracts. Now, to the timespan between BaekYeon and KaiStal. Like, the break up of the BaekYeon and the dating confirmation of the latter were too accurate. I don’t know, it just seems fishy. Sorry for being biased, lmao Let’s discuss KaiStal, now. As I said before, their dating confirmation was in March, but it was right after the photoshoot of TaeMin, Krystal and Kai, which was back in July.

SM Entertainment responds to Kai and Krystal dating reports

Waktu santai mereka hanya dua hari, dan sekarang mereka sudah mulai berlatih keras lagi. Mungkin dalam waktu dekat EXO belum akan comeback, namun mereka memiliki banyak undangan untuk beberapa acara, jadi untuk itulah mereka berlatih. Ia menghampiri Kai yang duduk di pojokan.

From April to June , Krystal was dating with Kai, a member of the k-pop group EXO. It was their agency, SM Entertainment, who confirmed their relationship. The couple are the same age and became trainees of their agency at the same period, which led them to get close.

It has been a few months since Baekhyun got accepted as a trainee in one of the biggest entertainment company in South Korea, SM Entertainment. Baekhyun was not from Seoul and he was not really familiar with the city either, so he thought it would be a good idea to stay in your place for the mean time. It was not easy for him to be a trainee at that age.

Everyone else was younger than him and they were even more skilled than him since they trained longer, and they could easily steal his chance to debut. Somehow you regretted convincing him that he could do it… That he could debut and be an idol. Weeks later, he came home, shouting your name like he always does and he kissed the life out of you. He wrapped his arms around you so tight, you could hardly breathe.

Why would I lie to you about this? Did he say no or he changed his mind? You could always visit me whenever you have free time.

Updated: SM Confirms, Girls’ Generation Taeyeon and EXO Baekhyun Are Dating

Get out of here. John Cho sits with allkpop for an exclusive interview for his new movie, ‘Searching’! Krystal is preppy-chic brand ambassador for Paul’s Boutique in ‘W’ magazine pictorial.

It wasn’t an April Fools’ joke. Earlier today on April 1, KST, local news source Dispatch reported that EXO member Kai and f(x) member Krystal are dating. These two are label-mates, housed.

Although he never means any harm, Baekhyun would be horrible at keeping secrets. Whenever he tries to hide away presents or throw secret parties for you, his uncontrollable mouth would always accidentally leak the event beforehand. However, sometimes his broadcasting ability would cause trouble when he does it in front of others. Thank goodness he has a cautious girlfriend who is ready to clamp his mouth shut before he even finishes how you guys did it in th- Affection: Similar to the other members of the beagle line, Baekhyun would express a lot of physical affection and would want attention in return.

Ruffling your hair and singing in an aegyo voice to catch your attention.


Rumor abekhyun it, yes! Netizens find evidence of the two K-Pop Idols’ rekindled love. Netizens debate whether Baekhyun and Taeyeon are and GD are dating taeyeon and baekhyun dating again Vating think that Taeyeon and Baekhyun are still be crazy enough to date again? They say rejoice once again shippers, because after the Rain comes a beautiful.

Rumor taeyeon and baekhyun dating again it, yes! Lucky taeyeon and baekhyun dating again us, is also ring-full of u pairings.

EXO’s Kai and f(x) member’s Krystal’s relationship has been under scrutiny since their dating news came out in March. The latest rumor plaguing the couple claims that Kai reportedly went on a date.

Also…two of our boys have actually been through this scenario. Enjoy as always my loves! Yifan is one of those idols I see having a verrry private and confidential personal life. So, the fact that Dispatch or some other news outlets have caught him dating would be somewhat frustrating to Kris. Now Kai, is somewhat similar to Kris in this instance.

He is a covert and reserved person and so far, it seems like he is handling his relationship with Krystal in such a manner. Like Kris, if Jongin had it his way, he would want to have a private relationship, without fans and the general public attaining knowledge of his relationship with his girlfriend.

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