China’s marriage rate is plummeting because of gender inequality

View image of Credit: The hope was that this would spur young people to marry and eventually, bear children as soon as possible. View image of Credit Alamy A different path But young people follow their own mind. And while romance and coupledom are much endorsed by both men and women in their 20s and 30s, marriage as a legal institution is no longer a must. Growing up with more diverse values than previous generations, Chinese youth born in the s and s see options beyond the linear life path leading up to the baby carriage. Getty Images Others are simply exploring alternative lifestyles — with or without a romantic partner.

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In terms of age, 20 percent are years of age, 41 percent are , 24 percent are , 11 percent , and just 4 percent are over the age of That is, for the Asian women, 61 percent are under the age of There is a large difference in ages between these Asian women and their counterparts from the former Soviet Union. For the 1, Soviet women listed currently by Cherry Blossoms, just 8 percent are under 20, 23 percent between 21 and 25, 25 percent between 26 and 30, 20 percent from 31 to 35, 14 percent from 36 to 40, 7 percent aged 41 to 45, and 3 percent over

Ten years later, the Shanghai matchmaking corner has its own name, and it is THE main event at this park on the I can’t remember when and how I came to know about the Shanghai Matchmaking Corner (上海人民公园相亲角) in People’s Park.

The objective is to get as many phone numbers as possible, using every means necessary. Goncalo Fonseca In China, women are often still seen as a commodity, a product that begins to lose value after turning 24, the average age of marriages there. Out of this social climate, a multimillion-dollar industry has emerged that exploits the fears and loneliness of a generation.

At first, they focused exclusively on male clients, but they have been shifting toward a female audience. At the end of the afternoon he chooses two students to take for hands-on training. The students were told to pretend they had run out of battery life on their phones and to approach men, asking for a photograph. Over the last few years, more and more such companies have cropped up in the ever-expanding Chinese cities. The ideal female body, according to Eric, needs to be thin.

Weime Club now caters exclusively to women. Goncalo Fonseca A woman tries on her wedding dress at a shopping mall in Beijing dedicated exclusively to weddings. Goncalo Fonseca Diamond Love, a matchmaking agency in Shanghai, caters to extremely rich clients. Tian Li was a successful IT executive but suffered from the loneliness that plagues many young men and women in China.

China Has a Bachelor Problem: Millions of Men Will Stay Single for All Their Lives

September 21 A view of Shanghai at dusk. The objective is to get as many phone numbers as possible, using every means necessary. Goncalo Fonseca In China, women are often still seen as a commodity, a product that begins to lose value after turning 24, the average age of marriages there.

Chinese Matchmakers in which she and I jointly read and discussed some of the English ethnographic literature on Chinese matchmaking tried to develop some general statements about it. Her role in getting me launched on this topic is warmly acknowledged. The Canon is perhaps more rigid than were most parents in insisting that the tie was.

Pop culture In American society today, finding your significant other can be as easy as going online. In contrast, potential lovebirds in China often take a more traditional route and use a matchmaker. While rooted in tradition, the roles and techniques of these matchmakers have changed considerably over time. Changing times and modernization has meant that Chinese citizens do not always stay in the town or city they grew up in and often move away. Living far from home has its consequences, one of which is not being able to call on family or community members who would traditionally arrange a marriage with someone else in the same area at an early age.

These arranged marriages have become much less common, but many Chinese singles still feel a great pressure to marry by a certain age and seek out the help of a modern matchmaker. The TV dating show “If You Are the One,” in which men have 20 minutes to sell themselves to 24 female guests, have become wildly popular, spawning similar programs on television stations across the nation in China.

On behalf of their clients, these new modern matchmakers search popular hangouts of the young for potential love interests. One Chinese dating agency put their three bachelor clients on a billboard to advertise their extreme level of availability, at the bargain price of 50, RMB each per month. Similar markets are popping up in many parks throughout China. However, some parents turned matchmakers feel desperate after their children reach a certain age or fail to meet a certain social status and have almost no criteria for a potential spouse.

Match makers’ market draws desperate parents

Gathering of matchmakers in a park in Shanghai. Go to a park on a Sunday in China, and you’ll find thousands of parents mingling on the grass. Not for a picnic – these desperate mums and dads are exchanging photos and CVs of their sons and daughters, in hope of finding them a spouse. True love is not always the most essential factor for marriage in China, where the use of a matchmaker is a traditional method of looking for a partner. In recent years parents have adopted the role as young people focus increasingly on their careers rather than their love lives, with the average marrying-age for Chinese women rising from 20 to 24 since In large cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, thousands of parents reportedly meet in parks at the weekend to swap photos and descriptions of their twenty-something sons and daughters.

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But some dread it. For them, Chinese New Year is another round of scrutiny by prying family members over why they are still single. It indicated that over 90 percent of the singles interviewed have been asked marriage-related questions by family members. Stand-Ins for Rent Some singles, rather than endure the pressure, have chosen to rent a boyfriend or girlfriend to bring home to the family. I do not want to be in a relationship. But I have no choice:

Chinese marriage became custom during the Warring States period ( B.C.). Due to the vast expanse and long history of Chinese marriage customs and ceremonies, there are different practices that are followed in different places, although they all generally adhere to similar guidelines.

Their marriage and wedding customs have traditionally been in line with Islamic law and customs. In accordance with their nomadic clan traditions, there are strict taboos preventing marriages to relatives going back seven generations. Such taboo helps to prevent inbreeding and ensure the health of future offspring. Breaking of this taboo has traditionally been a very serious matter, resulting in banishment from a clan or even death.

The first son was expected to get married first, followed by second son and so. Child marriages have traditionally been a common custom. Citizens officially come of age in Kazakhstan at the age of The country’s law on marriage and family specify the marriage minimum age of 18 years for both for men and women. Marriages to Kazakhs of relatively equal status outside clan restriction are ideal. Sometimes marriages to other ethnic groups occurs, particularly between Kazakh men and Turkic-speaking women in the old days and between Kazakhs and other Soviet ethnic groups in the Soviet era.

Marriages between Kazakh men and non-Muslim women have traditionally been discouraged.

The blind date: a century-old tradition still common in China

Louisa Lim In China’s cities, some singles are too busy making money to date. Some have turned to big singles‘ parties. But others are too busy to even take that limited chance at love.

Matchmaking not only concerns Chinese young people, but also makes parents feel anxious. Such a phenomenon is unlikely to occur in developed Western nations, where the elderly tend to spend retirement in a more leisurely manner, instead of interfering in the personal affairs of their children.

China’s young adults are moving to the city and making more money. They’re pickier about their marriage prospects and that has China’s government worried about a rapidly decreasing marriage rate. Record numbers of Chinese people are moving to cities, and record numbers of them are also deciding to hold off on getting married. The marriage rate in China has plunged by 30 percent in the past five years, and this is making the Chinese government very worried.

NPR’s Rob Schmitz has the story. At a market in Shanghai, people are hustling to sell their goods. And at this market inside People’s Park, their goods are their grown children. Wang is lined up among hundreds of other parents all standing behind umbrellas with signs taped to them advertising their unmarried children.

Matchmaking parents

Is marriage on your mind? Moon in Cancer With the moon in Cancer, individuals are extremely sensitive and feelings are of utmost importance to them. These individuals like to be in touch with their feelings and have the knack of figuring out the feelings of others quite well. In other words, they are very intuitive. Nobody can beat their power of memory.

They yearn for familiarity and security and tend to have a tight grip on their home, their familiar surroundings, their family and friends and even their possessions.

A popular form of modern matchmaking is with Chinese Marriage Markets, (or Bai Fa Xiang Qin). This is an opportunity for parents to advertise their child with information about their age, height, job, income, education, Chinese zodiac sign, personality, family values, and even a picture.

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