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Tweet Every morning, a dozen men and women line the sidewalk outside the San Francisco Community Recyclers center. Each has a shopping cart or trash bags filled with bottles and cans. Behind the recycling center, homeless people sprawl out in an area where social services regularly distribute food. Commuters cruise past on the neighboring bike path and turn onto Market Street toward downtown. Beyond the cyclists, a Muni car rumbles into the subway and construction workers lift glass panes onto an apartment complex. Everyone in line relies on these checks. The homeless earn the equivalent of up to minimum wage by picking up discarded cans.

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Collectors look for 1-quart oil cans and can accessories, including racks and pouring spouts, to stage a restored car, truck, motorcycle or farm tractor. Collector prices for vintage quart cans fluctuate, but the market for the collectible oil containers remains relatively stable. Selling vintage cans requires a base knowledge of the oil industry, can manufacturing and container label art. Pricing and Graphics Purchasing several standard oil can published price guides, even used copies, provides an image file to take into the field when building your sales inventory of vintage oil cans.

Vintage Oil Cans. Related Categories. Auction Alerts. In the early days of the gas station, attendants would do more than just fill up your tank—they would often clean your windshield and check your oil, too. If you needed new oil, an attendant would grab a metal oil can, add oil to your car’s engine, and then throw away the can.

Prior to either sending the emails, both had already done extensive research on the subject matter. Each had become so well self educated as nothing less than being somewhat individual experts of the subject matter by their discovery efforts. Brown now deceased of eastern NC, back in the early s. His curiosity piqued his interest in learning more about the history of these cool one-stringed musical instruments, so he began researching.

He then decided that the story needed mass exposure through public disclosure, on film. Now, Andrew had a mission that he felt compelled to do this venture in such a way that in utilizing his skills would best get the message and the story conveyed. He, as co-producer and director, organized together a team of mass media experts; videographers, producer, consultants, animator, graphic designer, and film editor to form a well oiled machine of gifted artists who worked seamlessly together to make the film.

The documentary that they created was debuted and premiered on April 22, at the highly prestigious Highbridge Film Festival in Wilmoth, KY.

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Entrepreneurs are bottling Australian air and selling it to Chinese people. Craig Butt Advertisement Mr Dickinson said the cans had been intended as a novelty souvenir item to give tourists the chance to “take a bit of Australia home with them”, but that Chinese buyers had seized on the health aspects. By submitting your email you are agreeing to Fairfax Media’s terms and conditions and privacy policy. They are right to be nervous about what they breathe in.

Size: Is it a 16 oz can? Flat top 15 and 16 oz cans came into use starting in so a flat top 16 oz can would date between Krueger Brewing made the only 16 oz cone top in about The Krueger 16 oz Beer cone top is very scarce. The Krueger 16 oz Ale cone top was a tough can until a couple hundred were found in a barn in Vermont.

Foods that can be safely stored at room temperature, or “on the shelf,” are called “shelf stable. Not all canned goods are shelf stable. Some canned food, such as some canned ham and seafood, are not safe at room temperature. These will be labeled “Keep Refrigerated. Food can be packaged in sterile, airtight containers. All foods eventually spoil if not preserved. Napoleon is considered “the father” of canning. He offered 12, French francs to anyone who could find a way to prevent military food supplies from spoiling.

Napoleon himself presented the prize in to Chef Nicholas Appert, who invented the process of packing meat and poultry in glass bottles, corking them, and submerging them in boiling water. Without realizing it, he sterilized them, stopping bacterial spoilage and growth. This military secret soon reached England where, in , Peter Durance patented the use of metal containers for canning. Englishman William Underwood migrated to Boston and established a canning plant in This was the beginning of canning in the United States.

Underwood even today, a brand of “deviled ham” is America’s oldest canning company.

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Deciphering date codes on canned goods. often use “closed dating” or “coded dating,” which must be deciphered to be understood. The food safety service says, “if cans are in good condition.

Soldered seam cans are differentiated by their gray stripe on the back or side of the can. As pictured, bare metal is visible as is the solder. This can was primarily used from the introduction of the “standard” quart size can until the early ‘s. Some companies still use solder seam cans today, primarily for specialty aviation oils. The next time you are at the airport, look closely at the maintenance trucks, you might see a case of metal solder seamed cans it back! The crimped seam can eliminated the need, and expense of soldering the seam of the can.

Instead, a crimped seam similar in strength to the seam that holds the top and bottoms of the can is used instead. Some companies adapted their soldered seam can artwork Above, center for use with the new technology. Later crimped seam cans simply continued the artwork right over the seam Above, right. Crimped seam cans quickly replaced their soldered seam counterpart and were used in all future quart oil cans.

Some companies always used metal cans even as other companies began to adopt the more economical composite or plastic siblings. There are many names for the quarts that are constructed of a heavy cardboard with a metal top and bottom. Some collectors also refer to this type of can as simply a paper quart can.

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This image has been modified. Written By Michael Greger M. FACLM on October 17th, The relative paralysis of our arteries for hours after eating fast food and cheesecake may also occur after consuming olive oil. Olive oil was found to have the same impairment to endothelial function as high-fat foods like sausage and egg breakfast sandwiches. See my Olive Oil and Artery Function video for an illustrative chart with different foods.

American Oil Cans, Volume 1, is the first issue of a series of books. A second volume is being produced now for release in The books specialize in one quart round s: 7.

One can find quite a bit of information on my web site and across the Internet about dating bottles based on whether the mold seam goes up and over the lip or if the bottle has a ‘pontil’ on the base. Even given these descriptions beginning often mistake a machine made Owen ring on the base of a bottle with a pontil. Specifics on what a pontil looks like or how to tell the age based on the mold seam can be found in Bottle Basics. While these two characteristics are often a strong clue to age, readers will be further helped by developing an understanding how the various categories of bottles changed over time.

These diagrams should help clarify age differences based on both form and function. With each chart the reader will find accompanying pictures to further aid in bottle identification and age. Chart 1 The Basics of Dating Bottles Readers first need to develop the vocabulary necessary to distinguish early and late forms of bottles. The following charts and pictures on the dating bottles pages listed below should help.

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Those who constructed it ‘tried to ignite an explosions with a barbecue lighter, but did not succeed’, said one of the sources. Instead they escaped, leaving forensics officers and those examining CCTV trying to find a clue to their identities. Lafarge, the biggest cement supplier in the world, is at the centre of a growing scandal in France because of its former links with Isis.

American Can Company Dating Codes, From through American Can Company (CanCo) placed a tiny code along the bottom edge of the cans that they made. The code indicated both the city where the can was made, and the year.

Electrodermal activity Illustration provided by Volney Mathison in the original patent application for the E-meter, registered as U. Electrodermal activity EDA refers to the changing electrical charges observed on the surface of the skin. EDA meters were first developed in in Russia, and psychotherapists began using them as tools for therapy in the s. He patented his device in as an electropsychometer or E-meter, [16] and it came to be known as the “Mathison Electropsychometer”.

I next attended a series of lectures being given by a very controversial figure, who several times emphasized that perhaps the major problem of psychotherapy was the difficulty of maintaining the communication of accurate or valid data from the patient to the therapist. Ron Hubbard told of that encounter in a recorded lecture:

Australian entrepreneurs sell cans of clean air to China

The three quart measure was made in both graduated and non graduated versions. These pieces were used to accurately measure the oil dispensed each day for use in the lighthouse lamp as well as in the other lamps in use around the light station. It was absolutely essential that the keeper maintain an accurate record of oil used in the lighthouse and for his personal use as the amounts were tallied quarterly and subtracted from the total on hand at the beginning of the quarter.

The difference must match the balance remaining in the oil house or the keeper could be reprimanded or even dismissed. Every gill of oil had to be accounted for. All filling was done on a brass drip pan with tray, designed to catch any oil spilled for re-use.

I collect oil cans and my husband got me a sweet brass banjo-style Necchi oiler that I am having trouble dating. I’ve spent a good few hours looking at vintage Necchi’s for sale online, just hoping I might find a pic or two of accessories that might help. Nada.

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If you leave your barbecue outdoors, you may soon need to know how to clean rusty grill grates. Keeping grill grates rust free can be a challenge due to the exposure your grill receives outdoors. Grill Maintenance Keeping your barbecue grill grates in good shape requires cleaning immediately after each use. The longer you let the burnt on food stay on the grill grates the harder it will be to clean.

How to Clean Rusty Grill Grates So you have left your barbecue out in the rain all winter and now you want to know how to clean rusty grill grates? The method you use to clean your grill grates will depend on what material they are made of.

Vintage Oil Cans Vintage tools Vintage Cars Old gas pumps Vintage gas pumps Oil Companies Oil field Oil and gas Oil Company logos Forward Free antique price guide with prices and descriptions for antique signs, tins, vintage toys, oil and gas items and a wide range of vintage collectables.

However, due to the rising popularity of latex and water based paints, the term enamel paint has since evolved to refer to a hard surfaced paint with a high gloss finish. In addition, the term is used to refer to enamel paint brands that are high in quality. Commercial enamel paints have been used in artwork by many famous artists over the years.

Sidney Nolan is another artist who used enamel paints in his work. Hermann-Paul is yet another artist known to have use enamel paints in his work. Due to this preference of enamel paint by artists, some manufacturers have made available enamel paints that are distinctively for use in the art world. Enamel paints are characterized by their hard, washable and glossy finish and are available with heat resistant properties.

They are available in several types, including oil based or alkyd based, which have the features of slower drying times in addition to being harder than that of water based enamel paints. Oil based paints are recognized by their distinguishable solvent odor properties and are easily cleaned using paint thinner or mineral spirits. Additionally, quite a few manufacturers now add varnish to oil based paints. Water based paints, which are also referred to as latex or acrylic paints, are much easier to work with.

They have the benefits of ease and simplicity of use, quicker drying times, easily cleaned using water alone and have a much weaker odor. Enamel paints are also available in urethane or polyurethane which are both offered in a water or solvent base.

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