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Not as good as I was hoping from the previews, but still a few laughs. Just silly enough to enjoy. If you like movies like Tequila Body Shots from the late 90’s you will like this movie. If you take this movie for what it is, it is funny, enjoyable, and just good for a laugh, you will like this movie. This movie is great, because it knows its low-budget and low-brow and doesn’t apologize for it. From the strange animated scenes to the dominatrix vampire hunter, what’s not to like? This fairly raunchy comedy follows a group of high school students on a trip to Romania, only to run afoul of vampires and other paranormal oddities. Cases of mistaken identity, a hunchbacked girl and her nefarious midget father, and a sexy vampire hunter are the orders of the day here, and while there are a few laughs to be had, they are sadly too few and far between. Still, there are enough visual gags, hot babes, and James DeBello to hold your attention, but for the most part, Transylmania doesn’t offer anything you haven’t seen or laughed at plenty of times before. But make no mistake, this movie came straight out of a septic tank.

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James DeBello- Scary Movie 2 James Duval- Gone in Sixty Seconds, Independence Day, Won and American Indian Movie Award for Best Actor in The Doe Boy at the American Indian Film Festival, Won a New American Cinema Award for The Weekend at the Seattle International Film Festival.

I’m pretty sure that I’m now a bad person I just don’t find them funny. Now, this is not to say that “Transylmania” was funny. It never made me laugh. But it WAS more entertaining and less frustrating than most comedies. The Hillenbrand brothers at least managed to keep the pace up through most of the movie. And they cheerfully steal from er The sets and locations are decent, the animated title sequence is a bit more imaginative than following one of the characters around campus as most films do , and you can actually see and hear what’s going on.

The major puzzle is why it’s as tame as it is. I watched the “unrated’ version, which is basically a mild R-rating. The little violence and nudity is pretty comical, though the language can be a bit strong.

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I love this chick. Wish we saw more of her. But enough playing second fiddle to Bella and her brainless boyfriends, it’s high time Ms.

After retrieving the philosopher’s stone at an auction but losing his girlfriend, The Librarian Flynn Carsen has a breakdown. Jonathan Tucker / Emmanuelle Chriqui / James DeBello / Katherine Heigl / Larisa Oleynik / Jaime Pressly / Marissa Ribisi / Johnny Green / Aimee Graham / Ange Billman / Kristina Anapau / Rainbeau Mars / Mónica Huarte.

Continue reading the main story Making a satisfying horror film is as difficult as cooking a perfect risotto. Split-second timing and a meticulous balance of ingredients are critical for achieving a rich but chewy consistency. The elements that make up ”Cabin Fever,” a movie that finds an unusually potent blend of dread, gore and gallows humor, are as commonplace as rice, butter, cheese and broth.

But the director and producer Eli Roth, who wrote the story and collaborated on the screenplay with Randy Pearlman, has cooked up a tempting teens-in-the-woods bloodbath that suggests a ”Blair Witch Project” with the blanks filled in, the camera stabilized and the story embellished with an evocative score by Nathan Barr whose shivery texture is spiced with the sounds of buzzing flies.

That reservoir is the probable source of a contagious disease resembling the Ebola virus, which eventually afflicts all but one of the five brash teenagers who rent a cabin together for a weeklong party that quickly turns into a nightmare. One reason ”Cabin Fever,” which opens today nationwide, sustains such a palpable mood of foreboding until the end is that it stays away from the supernatural and makes minimal use of cheap shock effects. Because the horror doesn’t emanate from a standardized special-effects hell, but from the poisoned land itself, it is all the more ominous.

Advertisement Continue reading the main story The five friends who pile into a pickup truck and make their way over rutted muddy roads and backwoods trails to a snug log cabin in a desiccated forest make up the typical assortment of teenage types facing terror. The blond-surfer-wholesome Jeff Joey Kern and his sultry girlfriend, Marcy Cerina Vincent , are hot-and-heavy sweethearts. The slightly nerdy Paul Rider Strong pines after Karen Jordan Ladd , a friend since childhood, who teases him with the possibility of romance.

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McPherson, who directs his own screen adaptation, opens out the material into a loose, amiably aimless film set in a sleepy seaside resort, sunk in its out-of-season torpor. The snappy, and seductively indirect dialogue that theatre audiences have admired is represented here handsomely, and McPherson gets nice performances out of his cast: The problem is that the film meanders along with a number of different plot strands: None of these plot-lines is resolved particularly satisfactorily and, weirdly, none seems to have more dramatic weight than any other, or indeed more weight than the unimportant incidents and conversations with which the resort’s inhabitants dreamily while away their life beside the sea.

It looks like, well, not an episode of Ballykissangel exactly – but, oddly, it does lack the punch and power of McPherson’s stage work. Kim Basinger plays Maggie, a saintly nurse whose ne’er-do-well druggie sister Jenna Angela Bettis turns up on Christmas Eve, dumps her newborn baby with Maggie and buggers off.

The only character I disliked was James DeBello’s turn as the thickheaded Jimmy. “Crime + Punishment in Suburbia” is a visually interesting film, centered as it is on several noticeable book like chapter breaks. Keena.. Keena plays a teenage girl living the white suburbanite dream. She lives in a big beautiful house, shes dating the footbal.

Bill Warren Although it was modestly successful, this teen variant on “Fatal Attraction” is pretty damned bad, and now it’s difficult finding anyone who will agree to having liked it. It’s handsomely photographed by Giles Nuttgens on attractive locations, mostly in New York, and everyone in the cast and crew acquits themselves responsibly, but the story is so familiar and the direction by John Polson so obvious, even pointlessly showy, that the movie sinks well before it can swim.

Plus it has a stupid title. In what passes for a small town in Hollywood actually, it’s a small city , Ben Cronin Jesse Bradford is the hotshot of the high school swimming team, and hopes to get a sports scholarship for college. A few years before, Ben had problems with drugs, but because of a spell in a juvenile facility where he gained his interest in swimming and the love and support of Amy and mom, Ben is now clean and sober and a model teenage citizen.

That is, until gorgeous Madison Bell Erika Christensen arrives at school. She’s from someplace more sophisticated; her parents are away in Europe, so she’s staying at the home of her cousin Christopher Dante James DeBello , the school nerd.

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A reckoning arrived earlier this week when U. The Dow Jones industrial average dropped over points Tuesday. At one point it was off more than points in the session.

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Ceeeeeelebration time, come on!!! Who knew that witnessing a blend of dark comedy and ample blood puking could be such a hootenanny! I highly respected that! It also had its own twisted game to play. First and foremost, the script was exceptionally well written and tighter than a girl scout guarding her sugary cookies for dear life. The clever dialogue plus the grisly ideas were abundant loved the campfire stories and the main players appealing.

Sure, the characterizations were nothing groundbreaking within the genre, but the peeps were still engaging due to the pinch of selfishness most of them displayed and the stellar actors portraying the roles. I cared about everybody because they rang true and not because they were all-around nice people. The same could be said about the nutty Lynch-ish side characters that populated this world and made the watch so much more engrossing.

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What’s your next favorite movie? Join our movie community to find out Image from: Home Entertainment will release seven catalog titles on April 7, Tech specs and special features have yet to be detailed. After the Sunset Synopsis:

Swimfan () Directed by John Polson Cast: Jesse Bradford, Erika Christensen, Shiri Appleby, Clayne Crawford, James DeBello, Kate Burton, Dan Hedaya, Kia Joy Goodwin, Jason Ritter – 85 minutes Rated: (for violence, sexual content, and language). Reviewed by Dustin Putman, September 8,

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I know as much about how a teenage audience will react to Swimfan as I do an adult audience, which is to say absolutely nothing. I do know that Swimfan is something of a rarity for a teen movie. Looking at it solely as a teen movie, it is a cut above the rest, but there are elements here that should be appreciated on their own merits.

Instead of the books Raskolnikoff, we have Simone Skolnik (Mena Suvari lookalike Keena), a popular, successful high school student dating star footballer Jimmy (DeBello).

This article is being published under a pseudonym, for fear of retribution by the family courts. After the publication of Part I , I was warned by my counsel that publishing this article, even under a pseudonym, would be very dangerous to the case I am currently fighting in family court. Counsel has advised that the judge would the take the criticisms and analysis in this article personally, and would likely rule against me because of it. However, such threats should never chill the reporting, publication, and information contained in these articles.

However, here is Part II, and I thank you for your patience. Part II When inherent fundamental rights clash with the immediate power structure in place, those rights are the first to fall. Under the direction of corrupt institutions the ideal of inalienable rights becomes a misnomer—since the structures in place have the immediate power to deny you those rights, they are no longer inalienable by instant circumstance.

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Unlike their happily matched offspring, the future in-laws find themselves in a situation of opposites that definitely do not attract. Five years later, Abbie falls in love with a straight man and wants to move away with her and Robert’s little boy Sam, and a nasty custody battle ensues. As they struggle to come to terms with their relationship, something supernatural happens that tests it.

High School Musical 3: Together with the rest of the Wildcats, they stage a spring musical reflecting their hopes and fears about the future and their unforgettable experiences growing up together.

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Plot Ben Cronin Jesse Bradford is a star swimmer of his high school’s swim team. His coach informs him that Stanford University scouts will appear at next week’s swim meet. Ben and his girlfriend Amy Shiri Appleby discuss their future plans. Amy has her heart set on going to school in Rhode Island, but explains that she will go to school in California to stay close to Ben. The next day, Ben nearly runs his car into Madison Bell Erika Christensen and gives her a ride home as an apology.

Later, he realizes that Madison left her notebook in his car. The notebook is filled with music notes, and Ben spots his initials written inside a staff.

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The DUFF 97 min. He finds that his wife neglected to tell him that he now has a son, 20, and shame But what began as a routine business trip goes off the rails in every way imaginable – and unimaginable. They make their way around the city in order to find their friend before his wedding. Stu’s plan for a subdued pre-wedding brunch, however, goes seriously awry.

Best Clameo Appearance: James DeBello plays a coffee-shop clerk-he’s fast becoming a National Lampoon veteran. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation 2 () Skinopsis: A family becomes shipwrecked during a tropical vacation.

Language English Girls is a comedy film written and directed by Michael Davis. It tells the story of a college student’s Jonathan Tucker efforts to find a mystery girl with whom he had sex in an elevator during a black out. Plot After leaving a party at a women’s dormitory aka the “virgin vault” , Matthew Jonathan Tucker is trapped in an elevator with an unknown, and unseen, woman when the power goes out. Matthew and this unknown woman have sex in the dark. When Matthew wakes up in the morning—still in the elevator—he finds himself alone with a pair of her panties.

After releasing mice, he goes room to room, setting traps. He convinces the panicked women to leave their rooms and then starts to look for a match. When he is unsuccessful, he continues to break things such as the air conditioning in an effort to find his woman. He also fixes the television set, which is greatly received by women he refers to as ” Jane-ites “, as they have a great interest in films adapted from books by Jane Austen. He doesn’t get much help from his roommate Rod James DeBello , who keeps telling him to give up, and together they philosophize about men and women.

Rod tells him that he doesn’t need a girlfriend and that it’s futile to try to find the “bra matching the panties”, and Matthew accuses him of being too machismo.

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